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Cats on a Cement Roof Part II

I spent some time in Buenos Aires this week and Gaston, my neighbor, sent me photos of the cats, which I thought was pretty funny. Here they are, hiding from the dogs and probably wanting food: Next, they are trying … Continue reading

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Table for Two

At this estancia, as in many others, meals are often served at one big table where guests mingle and chat and get to know each other. However, not everyone wants that; especially the Argentine guests prefer to sit by themselves. … Continue reading

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Chocolate shortage

We use a LOT of chocolate in the kitchen here. To make brownies, chocolate mousse, cakes with chocolate and dulce de leche, frozen chocolate desserts, chocolate cakes, to decorate the desserts… As you can imagine, we go through chocolate very … Continue reading

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A day in the life of…

Today is a day of records: the hottest day since I came to Argentina (and probably some kind of record for today’s date), the most people we have had in the hotel sleeping – 27, maybe the biggest lunch we … Continue reading

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And now it officially reached forty

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My neighbors

Here are two of my neighbors; Genaro and Charlie. Genaro is four years old and probably the most famous Puesto Viejo resident – every single tourist who comes takes his picture, it seems! He is always smiling and posing and … Continue reading

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Puesto Viejo through the healthy food lense

Liza, or NOLA chef as she is known in Buenos Aires, is the owner and chef of NOLA Buenos Aires, a puerta cerrada serving delicious New Orleans-style food. She came and spent some time at Puesto Viejo in December and … Continue reading

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Feliz navidad – God jul – Merry Christmas!

I am officially on holiday! For a solid 40 hours! Not a lot, but oh, so welcome. I haven’t had a real day off (by that I mean a day where I don’t answer any emails or phone calls or … Continue reading

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Too hot

This is the forecast for the next five days… It actually gets worse, it will get up to 39 degrees before there will be a drop to 34 next Monday. I am dreaming of cool climates or at least the … Continue reading

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