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Norway #1 – Disclaimer

Several time a year there are articles that show Norway on top, or near the top, of different lists: quality of life, conditions for mothers, equality, etc etc. And it is true, Norway does score high on a lot of … Continue reading

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Interview with a language school

After my video I got contacted by an online Norwegian course for Spanish speakers and they wrote this nice note.

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Una noruega en Argentina

My blog is three years old now, and what better way to celebrate than with a video about, well, being la noruega en Argentina? (Actually, these two things are not related but it sounds good and the timing works! This … Continue reading

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San Antonio de Areco

Of all the small towns in Buenos Aires province, San Antonio de Areco might be the most famous one, often referred to as the gaucho capital or quintessential Buenos Aires province small town. I finally visited in March of this … Continue reading

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I finally visited a small restaurant in Villa Crespo that I have been wanting to go to for ages. It is called YEITE. From what I had read, it focused on great raw materials and just tasty, quality food. And … Continue reading

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Noruega en Paraguay

I started this post almost a year ago; time to finish it! While there are not a lot of Norwegians in Argentina, there are definitely some, and there are a few resources available, such as the Embassy (although they don’t … Continue reading

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Snapshots from a roadtrip

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