I am COLD!!

This is a very whiney and “first world problem” kind of post, but I am FREEZING and I don’t like it!! April was amazing, very warm and beautiful, but May has arrived with freezing cold winds and nighttime temperatures close to freezing. Today it was actually quite nice during the day, 17C, but my apartment never warmed up. I moved into this place on April 1 and I love it – lots of light, great kitchen, really good workspace, beautiful terrace all to myself – but I hadn’t expected it to be this cold… It does have a long outer wall (all the rooms face the terrace) but this is much worse than I expected and it isn’t even that cold. In bed I can feel the cold wind coming through the window! I actually put a blanket up over the curtains to try to stop it a little bit. Now, sitting at my desk, I can feel the cold air coming from the door to the terrace.

It’s funny  because almost every day someone says something to the effect of “You are from Norway, you can’t be cold”. So not true! First of all, I have always been cold, and secondly, in Norway it is warm inside!! The houses are warm, and each room has separate heating – people tend to keep the bedrooms cold, the living areas normal, and the bathrooms very warm (radiant heat under tile floors is one of my favorite things in the world.) Here, I get up to a freezing bathroom… The one heatsource is a gas heater in the living room, but I think I will need to buy a small oil radiator to use in the bathroom and bedroom. Last winter I remember being really cold inside as well, both at home and in meetings etc. Outside I am fine, I bundle up and walk fast, or go running, but I hate being cold when I am inside… I work from home so sitting still you get really cold.

Winters here are nice and sunny, but not warm, so I don’t understand why nothing is designed for cold winters… Brrrrrr!!

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5 Responses to I am COLD!!

  1. ufn says:

    May be we are tough people…

  2. Wenche says:

    Stakkars deg! Kom hjem til varmekablene!

  3. Sounds to me like Norwegians to cold right. I’m wimpy when it comes to cold, just like you!

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