My Inner Martha Stewart

IMG_1777For the newest students of Norwegian, I channeled my inner Martha Stewart: I made sugar cookies, decorated them with red, white and blue sprinkles, and put them in tiny individual cardboard boxes. On each box I glued a white card that said “My name is” in Norwegian and then the student’s name, and a small Norwegian flag. I may not be a great teacher but my cookies are pretty good! (I am a teaching twice a week at the Instituto Sueco Argentino – it is a nice way to help out the Norwegian community and those who are interested in it. Although I think I am a pretty bad teacher; I love learning languages myself but find it pretty hard to teach!)


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3 Responses to My Inner Martha Stewart

  1. Vista says:

    How lovely — enroling, friendly and a clear sign of your interest in them!

  2. limel95 says:

    Qué buena idea y artesanal! ¿Es fácil conseguir libros para aprender noruego? Tengo uno muy pequeño y comparo con el sueco (que estudié hace unos años). Aprender un nuevo idioma es un descubrimiento, un nuevo punto de vista para expandir la conciencia…

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