La Feria del Libro

boliviaLa Feria del Libro (the Book Fair) in Buenos Aires is a huge event. It takes place in La Rural, the agricultural fair in Palermo that is of course home to the big livestock/animal exhibition in July, and more than a million readers visit the 45,000 square meter space. I went there on April 30 and it was really a beautiful event. All the big publishing houses and book stores are represented, and there are countless readings and other events taking place. Just walking around can be a little overwhelming and you might also feel like you are just visiting bookstore after bookstore, so I suggest going for something specific that you are interested in, such as a presentation by a favorite author.

books hangingOne of the pavilions had stands from many different countries and cultures, and it was neat to see what authors they were representing. This was my chance to brush up on my Armenian literature knowledge! The fair opened on April 24 and runs until May 12. Entrance is 25 pesos. We went on a weekday and it was perfect – the next day was May 1, I happened to be passing by on the bus and the line to buy tickets was many, many blocks long. Yay for books!

More information here: Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires.

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