Big changes, big city

So, some big changes have taken place: I moved to Buenos Aires! After a year and a half in the countryside, I am now living in la Reina del Plata. It has just been a couple of weeks so the novelty of everything is still very exciting! I am working, but not full time, which means I have time to explore the city, hang out with friends, cook (today I made lentil stew and some Norwegian knekkebrod), take photos, pick up old hobbies – it is fantastic! The first few days I also spent some time catching up on sleep; I know that technically we cannot recuperate sleep but it sure felt good! I even have a television but I haven’t used it yet, although I am looking forward to enjoying some English language channels.

I have rented a flat in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, which I absolutely adore. I knew the area from a course I was taking and from a few friends who live here, and I think it is perfect: It has a real barrio (neighborhood) feel to it, it is not as crazy as closer to the center, it has much fewer foreigners than say Palermo, and I feel I have everything I need within a few blocks: multiple supermarkets (Día, Coto, Carrefour…), lots of greengrocers, bakeries, hardware shops, flowers, health food stores. I am close to the metro and a bunch of different bus lines (I have written before about my obsession with the BA bus system and now I am loving zipping around the city by bus!) and I can also walk many different places.

I do miss the campo in certain ways, maybe especially the cold, clear, quiet nights with lots of stars. Also, working so much made me really, really appreciate any little break or special occassion. And of course I miss my friends and the animals!

My “to do”-list for Buenos Aires is long (a one-page Word document, single space – yes, forever the nerd), including trying some of the fantastic restaurants the city has to offer, but little by little of course. There are some cool work projects coming up that I’ll talk more about in the future, and I also want to write more about the neighborhood very soon. Buenos Aires is a great city and I am thrilled to call it my new home!

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10 Responses to Big changes, big city

  1. Sissel says:

    åh så gøy med ett sceneskifte. Høres jo midt i blinken ut alt dette her. Må ta masse bilder fra området å legge ut her på bloggen, også noen spennende oppskrifter fra der hadde gjort seg 🙂

  2. Bienvenidos vecina!! 😀

  3. Oh, enjoy your new digs, and all the discoveries your new neighborhood will bring! Wishing you the best!

  4. Turid Berg Kallestad says:

    Gratulerer med nytt hjem, og gratulerer med endringen. Good for you!
    Tipper du vil savne hestene og ridningen, men jeg tror du vil ha godt av jobb-forandringen 🙂
    Klem fra tT

  5. girasoli says:

    Been enjoying your blog. Exciting new change for you! Am looking forward to learning more about Buenos Aires!

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