La Exposición Rural

1imagesYesterday I went to La Rural in Buenos Aires. “La Exposición Rural (in English: The Rural Exhibition), is an annual agricultural and livestock show held in the Palermo section of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event is organised by La Sociedad Rural Argentina (in English: The Argentine Rural Society) and both the Exhibition and the Society are known locally as La Rural.” (Thank you, Wikipedia!) It is basically a huge, fancy agricultural show, and I was particularly struck by how nice and clean everything was. Then again, it was the first day and my friends assured me that it doesn’t smell like roses the last few days… We got to visit our neighbors from next doors, about 10 Angus cows, calves and bulls that are part of the exhibition. There were all sorts of cattle and livestock, horses, sheep, birds, rabbits, llamas… There were also beautiful pavilions representing the provinces of Argentina, lots of great food, and all sorts of handicrafts for sale. I didn’t have my camera so no photos unfortunately! But it was a really great show and a nice way to appreciate more of Argentina’s rural culture.


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  1. Duane & Claire says:

    Duane and Claire enjoyed checking out the Waukesha County Fair this morning. We arrived at 9:00 am for pancake breakfast, checked out all the animals, 4-H projects, vendors, and had a quick lunch before we left for home. It has been a HOT week in the Milwaukee area. Next week is German Fest —

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