There is polo in Norway now!

So this is kind of cool: when I started this blog, and when I moved to Argentina, there was no polo in Norway. Or Denmark, for that matter. Sweden was the only Scandinavian country with polo. But 2013 has seen all that change – Copenhagen now has a polo club, and in February this year, the Norwegian Polo Club opened! They have a great website where you can read about the founding of the club and its activities. And they have a close connection with Mat Lodder, an English professional who plays here at Puesto Viejo in the Argentine season. Mat and his wife Heather are fantastic both as people and professionals. Members of the club traveled to England earlier this year for their UK Training Weekend with Mat.

I definitely plan to check out the Norwegian Polo Club when I go to Norway this summer! The club is located south-east of Oslo. Oh, and I definitely want to buy some of their cute gear! Check out these great whites!


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3 Responses to There is polo in Norway now!

  1. sebastian says:

    hello I like the idea of ​​working in the club. if they need people to work in Argentina for the 2015 season in Norway. Here I give you my e we keep in touch

  2. sebastian says:

    ok this is my email thanks

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