May 17th Celebration in Buenos Aires

For Norwegians or others who are interested, the Norwegian community organizes a May 17th Celebration on Sunday May 17th, in the Scandinavian Church. (The celebration here in BsAs is always on a Sunday but for once the day and the date actually coincide.) Send me an email (noruegaenargentina At gmail) if you want more info! I do not know what the price is this year but will find out soon I am sure. It is basically a get-together with food, cake, some speeches, some singing, and games for the kids.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.03.39 PM

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3 Responses to May 17th Celebration in Buenos Aires

  1. Wenche says:

    Ja takk, jeg kommer gjerne😉

  2. Vibeke says:

    jeg har veldig hyggelige minner fra en 17. mai-feiring i DC for ni år siden!

  3. Enjoy. (LOVE the painting)

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