Not a happy camper

I have been an Italy fan for years, and sometimes it is fun (World Cup 2006) and sometimes it is embarrassing (World Cup 2010: Italy came last in their group of Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand) or just sad. Today, it is sad! I am embarrassed that I feel this down from a football match… In general I am thrilled with the Latin American teams and their fabulous job so far in this World Cup, but today I wanted Italy to win. Booooh! 😦 To feel better I have baked bread, cheese rolls, and brownies to take to a dinner party tonight, where I plan to drown my sorrows in wine. The Italy-Uruguay game on Tuesday will be extremely tense but Uruguay is playing very well so I am not optimistic. Sorry that these guys did not play better today.


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1 Response to Not a happy camper

  1. Aymará says:

    Jeje, para que no te sientas sola, te cuento que a mí me pasa lo mismo cuando no gana mi favorito. Y si se trata de Argentina ni te cuento :P.
    Después de la eliminación de Italia (idea de mi novio) nos deleitamos con una Ópera italiana y una copita de vino ;).

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