World Cup frenzy

It seems almost redundant to write about the fact that Argentina and Buenos Aires are going crazy about the World Cup, but hey, it’s fun! Personally I started the World Cup with a glance at the Brazil-Croatia match, but saved the real viewing for the (to me) more exciting games. Saturday night we joined my Italian friend to watch the Italy-England game at a bar in Palermo. I pretended to be Italian (sort of a hobby of mine – and here it is not that hard, as my Italian is pretty good) and had a blast. The poor English fellows on the next table over were less excited… Then Sunday, I went to watch Argentina-Bosnia with my adopted Argentine family here in the neighborhood. I got there right at 19:00 and there was not a soul outside! No cars, no people walking, everyone was watching TV, either at home or in a bar. It was so much fun watching the game with them, although nobody was particularly impressed with the way Argentina played and they will definitely need to step it up if they want to advance. I was happy for Messi, though, since he broke his no-goal curse of the last World Cup. I finished the weekend Monday night, joining some American friends for a viewing party at the Hard Rock Café – I had never been there but it was the perfect place to watch a game.

Here is a guide to where to watch the different games in Buenos Aires, by the lovely Sorrel.

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  1. Aymará says:

    Sooo true! Cada vez que juega Argentina es igual… ni un alma en la calle :). Me alegra que tengas linda compañía para disfrutar de cada partido del mundial. Coincido con vos, feliz por romper la maldición de los no-goles de Messi pero con ganas de que mejoren un toque como equipo ;).

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