Siamo nel forno – great pizza

Many foreigners living in Argentina will at some point complain about Argentinian pizza. And I am one of them. I LOVE a nice Italian pizza so I am not a fan of most pizzas here – they have thick, doughy crust, way too much cheese, and are generally just soggy and not very interesting. There are plenty of other good things to eat here, so it really isn’t too much of a problem, but I had been wanting to check out Siamo nel forno in Palermo Hollywood (Costa Rica 5886) and I finally did! (Check out the blog Pick Up the Fork and its review of the place, and the loooong comment section where people discuss Argentine pizza – at least I am not that bad.)


Siamo nel forno means “we are in the oven” and basically a translation of the Argentine expression “Estamos en el horno”, “we’re in trouble.” People use it ALL the time so I think the name is really cute. And YES the pizza was great! Actually, I loved the place as soon as I walked in and saw people drinking Spritz Aperol, one of my favorite drinks. The pizza was delicious – thin crust with fluffy bubbly edges, nice cheese, great flavors. Hooray! (Sorry for the bad photo of a half eaten pizza but I was busy devouring it!)


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2 Responses to Siamo nel forno – great pizza

  1. Vistas Air says:

    You make me hungry for pizza and I”m not a real pizza lover — not since we left Chicago anyway! vista

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