March Madness

Wow, what a month! March has flown by and been extremely busy. In February we had a little bit of downtime because of all the rain, but March has been all sunshine and a full house from beginning to end. I call it a good week if I work less than 70 hours, and finishing at 20:00 is a real treat! Today I had half a day off, which really meant 4.5 hours off – from 10 to 14:30 I stayed at home reading, cleaning, doing my nails and then doing nothing – ah! I had no day off last week (going back and fourth to BsAs for a doctor’s appointment really doesn’t count) and I won’t really have one this week either, so those hours were bliss. (If I have one more person tell me that I must be so much more relaxed working here than at the IDB, I might strangle them!)

There were two weddings this month, both of which took most or all of the hotel, which meant two or three intense days. But both groups were really nice luckily! Then there were two holiday weekends (Carnaval and Día de la Memoria, which was today), which means lots of people, and a variety of groups on weekdays and weekends alike. My favorite group came from Switzerland and was part of a real estate association book club. Interesting combo, but great people! We also had lots of polo to catch up on after the rains in February. Puh!

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