La argentina en Noruega

In some previous posts I wrote about Argentinos en Noruega and how there is not a whole lot of information about Norway for people from Argentina, in any language. I mentioned a blog written by an Argentinian woman in Norway, but it is no longer active. Anyway, just a day or two ago I got a comment on my blog from a women from here who has spent quite a bit of time in Norway, and who is learning Norwegian! So I have officially found my counterpart, la agentina en Noruega. Her name is Aymará and her blog is El diario de Aymará. Check it out! It is in Spanish. I especially enjoyed her post about learning Norwegian. She has a great attitude about it and it is not easy, especially since most people speak English and it is quite popular to learn Spanish right now, so there are probably people who want to practice their Spanish with.

We have already decided that we will do cross posts on our respective countries!

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6 Responses to La argentina en Noruega

  1. Hola “mi contraparte”, como bien bautizaste este encuentro :P. Realmente me encantó conocerte al igual que, como ya te dije, tu blog con tus experiencias en mi país. Te agradezco que recomiendes mi blog y aprecio mucho tu mención.
    Me entusiasma el plan de entrelazar posts así que espero colaborar de la mejor manera posible y lograr buenos resultados.

  2. Hope you two can cross paths one day – how cool would that be!

  3. Wendy says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for the information. I’m Argentinian and apart from Spanish I speak English. I’m currently learning Norwegian but there isn’t too much information online, especially not in my country. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in chatting or something. Cheers!

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