Not so glamorous

To some, the words “polo” and “estancia” give off an air of glamour and champagne and white jeans and red wine. Well, there might be a little bit of that, but that is a pretty small part compared to the more mundane stuff! Tonight, for instance, I spent most of my evening washing dishes. We don’t really have enough people, and I hadn’t gotten any extra help tonight, so then I had to be the extra help, clearing tables, serving, and washing dishes… I may be a manager, but I can’t be above any task in the hotel… At least we finished at 11pm today, which is early for a Saturday. We did leave some glasses for the girl who comes in the morning, because people were still drinking wine when we left. I feel kind of bad about that, because she already has to prepare breakfast for a whole bunch. I have to say I find that a difficult part of my job; feeling that I push my staff too hard. I work with some amazing people and I hate it when I feel that it is too much… 😦  And being short-staffed in one shift usually carries negative consequences into the next one, because we are constantly playing catch up. So I guess I will be washing dishes tomorrow morning as well…

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2 Responses to Not so glamorous

  1. Wenche says:

    Tror nesten du må ansette meg som ekstrahjelp! Er ganske god på oppvask vet du:-)

  2. You sound like a great boss, one who pitches in and helps. I bet they all appreciate you very much.

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