Buenos Aires Hotels – updated

I decided to update this post since I have tried quite a few hotels lately. For some general tips, I will say that there are many, many hotels in Buenos Aires, some are really nice, but that it is difficult to get something that is consistently nice for a good price. Most will have some (or lots of!) street noise, as very insulated windows are not the norm. Breakfast is usually more continental, but quite a few places will offer eggs as well. As for what areas to stay, I personally think Recoleta and Palermo are the best places for tourists to stay. Palermo is really nice but can be a little bit of a hike from the main tourist attractions. Then again, there are lots of restaurants and bars there, so at night it is perfect.

I will have to say that Duque Hotel in Palermo SoHo might be the nicest hotel I have seen so far. It is beautiful, the staff is great, breakfast is delicious, and the rooms are just great, especially because the beds are SO comfortable! I especially loved staying there the day we went to La Rural: it had been a very cold day and to arrive at such a nice place after freezing all day was fantastic!

Here are a few of my hotel reviews:

Bonito Bed and Breafast, San Telmo Short version: Absolutely adorable but way too many spiral staircases!

Dazzler Tower Recoleta

Esplendor Palermo Hollywood

Marseille des Anges, Recoleta

I will leave my original comments from April 27 here: After I came to Argentina, I have become quite a fan of booking.com It seems to be the best way to see good prices for hotels in Buenos Aires, and you can usually reserve without paying anything, although sometimes you get different rates depending on whether you prepay or not.

I have stayed at a few different hotels since I have been here: Abasto Hotel, Esplendor Palermo Hollywood, Dazzler Tower Recoleta, A Hotel (which is not a good name for a hotel, try searcing for it!), and Marseille des Anges. I have returned to Esplendor and Marseille des Anges. Esplendor is located in Palermo Hollywood so close to restaurants and bars. It is very nice, with large rooms, comfortable beds (great for friends because they give you two large beds), small but functional bathrooms, nice breakfast. Also, most of the staff there is very nice! (According to a friend of mine, the only hot guys in Buenos Aires work at their reception!) It is a perfect choice for Palermo and usually you can get a good deal.

My current go-to hotel is Marseille des Anges in Recoleta. The hotel is in a beautiful building, and while the rooms can feel a little dated (it is no fancy boutique hotel), it has a nice feel and the staff is great. The rooms are comfortable, the bathroom is new and has lots of hot water, and there is TV with many English speaking channels! Wifi is free and very good. And the location just can’t be beat! After just a few times I am starting to think of it has a home away from home and I like the idea of feeling like a regular.

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