Una noruega en Argentina

My blog is three years old now, and what better way to celebrate than with a video about, well, being la noruega en Argentina? (Actually, these two things are not related but it sounds good and the timing works! This was part of an innovation course I took, called El Mundo de las Ideas.) Some anecdotes about life in Argentina and some observations about the weird ways of my people, the Norwegians.

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14 Responses to Una noruega en Argentina

  1. SO GOOD to hear and see you (and you look great!) Even though I could not understand what you are saying, your spirit is so wonderful, the audience was so engaged with what you were saying, and you looked so conversational and natural. They loved you. Were you nervous speaking? Not to my eyes! Thank you for sharing this, and I continue to wish you only all the best. And congratulations on your 3 year anniversary (has is really been that long?!) With much affection,

    • Thank you so much Terry! I am working on subtitles! It has subtitles in Spanish that you can change to English but those don’t always turn out so good… I was super nervous, you can hear it a little bit on my breathing in the beginning but it turned out good. 🙂 Big hugs!!

  2. Wenche says:

    Ikke lett å skjønne dette her, men noe får jeg med meg….særlig den med dårlig vær😉😉

  3. Fabi says:

    I can tell you all who cannot undesrstand Spanish than the content of Eirin’s talk was such as good, engaging as the way she looked!!! …and so much fun!!!!!

  4. Lidia says:

    Me alegro de haberte conocido un poco más a través de este vídeo. Me gustó ver cómo percibes la cultura noruega y la argentina con tanto humor. Un abrazo desde Trondheim.

    • Mil gracias Lidia! Me han llegado muchos comentarios de argentinos en Noruega, esto fue una linda sorpresa. Me alegro que tenga algo de interés para gente como vos que no son de Argentina pero que igual viven con estos costumbres medio extraños en Noruega. 🙂 Siempre lego tu blog aunque comento poco! Abrazos.

  5. Ashley Dotson says:

    As always, you are amazing!! Been reading your old blogs and looking through your pics on this sleepless night. I’m so glad you left the windowless cubicle three years ago. What an amazing adventure. Glad life is good! Take care, my friend!!!

  6. Ingvild Liven says:

    Jeg er medforfatter på et nytt læreverk i spansk for videregående skole i Norge og kunne tenke meg å høre med deg om mulighetene for å bruke deler av teksten din Una noruega en Argentina til et kapittel i boka. Du gir et varmt og underholdende bilde på kulturforskjeller og det å være nordmann i utlandet som hadde passet perfekt. Håper å høre fra deg.

  7. Hola!, jaja me diverti mucho ! lindo video !
    Me gusta mucho la cultura escandinava, conoces la iglesia nordica ? hace poco estuve en una misa en noruego que dio la pastora Anne, lamentablemente no se hablar noruego pero por suerte fue traducida al español.
    Te queria ademas invitar al grupo de facebook La Argentina Escandinava, aclaro que no soy administrador, solo miembro

    Saludos !

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