Two Years in Argentina!

Wow, this is crazy! Today I have now been living in Argentina for two years! Last year I wrote this nice post about my one year anniversary and now it is time for a recap of year two! I like what I wrote last year about changing as a person and I feel that holds true: I am much more calm and confident and feel that there are so many opportunities out there! I am currently considering trying to become a journalist, going back to school, running a bakery…

The last six months have of course been very different from the first 18, since I moved from the country to the city. The best thing has been the feeling of successfully establishing myself professionally and socially in the city, and I am very happy with what I am doing and with some exciting projects in the making. Freelancing and working from home has been the perfect transition to a busy city, and I honestly think I look younger, thanks to enough sleep, a good diet, and exercise! The hotel industry is fantastic but not necessarily conducive to good habits… I have made such good friends and want to say publicly thank you to all the wonderful people I have met here.

One of the biggest changes in this second year is the fact that I have stopped eating meat, which I have written about quite a bit on the blog. At first it was like my body just told me to take a break, it was hardly a conscious choice, but then I started really liking it, and I love learning more about vegetarian cooking, for instance. I eat much healthier than before and I honestly think that eating lots of avocado has been great for my skin. (I sound like a real fanatic!) In this whole time there has only been two times where I saw some meat and wanted to eat it, so even with all the asados here in Argentina it has been very easy to not eat meat. Funny how I ended last year’s anniversary post saying that the meat was actually really good!

A smaller change that is probably only funny to a few people is that I started drinking diet/light sodas. I have been a staunch opponent of diet sodas since the first time I tasted them, but somehow, about a year ago, I started drinking Coca Cola Light from time to time, and now I love Coke Zero. Before, I was quite disciplined about my soda intake (one regular Coke during the work week was my rule) because of the sugar, but now I drink it a lot! Oh well, it is not the worst vice to have.

I have to run now, but wanted to get something up on the actual day. I will edit later with some photos and maybe some more profound musings.

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8 Responses to Two Years in Argentina!

  1. happy two year anniversary! You have done and experienced and grown so much. Continued happiness to you in all your endeavors. I enjoy hearing about all of them. (miss you, too!)

  2. carlos eduardo says:

    Avocado is definitely healthy, in fact it is considered a super food. The fats in it are all good, and they contribute to a better balance of cholesterol HDL-LDL, which is to say a healthy cardiovascular system. Avocado is also loaded with plant sterols and valuable micronutrients.
    So, which city do you prefer, BA or DC? My guess is you are going to say BA…..

    • Glad you agree with my love for avocado hehe! You know, I love both cities but BsAs is perfect for me right now. DC is fantastic and I had some of the best years of my life there, but it is also a rather transient city, especially as far as the international population goes, so people are always leaving, which is kind of sad.

  3. Turid Berg Kallestad says:

    Kjære deg –
    gratulerer med 2-års jubileet! Det er en sann glede å lese boggen din fordi det høres ut som du har det så bra, og virkelig elsker det livet du lever. Ingenting er bedre enn det, og ingenting kan glede oss som elsker deg mer!
    Lærerik lesing er det også, så bare fortsett – og en dag så skal jeg nok komme meg dit. Jeg har nemlig en følelse av at du ikke har planer om å forlate BA med det første 🙂

    En god klem fra tante Turid

  4. Wenche says:

    Slutter meg til tante Turids kloke ord, og to år har gått fryktelig fort. Er så glad for at jeg har vært og sett for et spennende land du bor i, da er det lettere å skjønne hvorfor du trives….men at det er langt borte, det er må merker man. Men plutselig kommer vi!

    Klem fra mamma

  5. Gratulerer med to års-jubileumet, jeg liker bloggen din kjempegodt og gleder meg enda mer til å bo i Buenos Aires et par måneder å få oppleve byen på et nærmere hold selv. I mellomtiden leser jeg bloggen din og gleder meg til jeg er der.

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