Buenos Aires: A wild and crazy ride

“Wild, wonderful, West Virginia” – this is one of my favorite license plate slogans in the US. I like to apply it to Buenos Aires as well; it can definitely be both of those things! I realized today I have not blogged a single time in September, the first month in two years without any blog posts, so I need to change that. And the reason is pretty simple – there’s just so much going on! I have been here five months now, and it has, indeed, been a fun ride. I came because of a very cool job offer (which I have not blogged about yet) but then all sorts of other things started happening as well. I am very conscious of the fact that life in Argentina is not easy for most people, that the economy is a mess, and that the political situation is rather depressing. However, as a privileged foreigners I have things happen here that I can’t see happening anywhere else that I have lived, especially not in Norway.

Example: over the course of the last week, I have both been practicing to sing back-up (a very small piece on one song, but still!) on a recording, to take place in a week, and acted as a hand-model in a photo/video production for a purse. How funny!! I am not a fantastic singer, and I don’t have amazing hands, but both are great experiences and things that make me think that every day is adventure here. I have been interviewed on the radio, I have played polo with great players, I have sailed the Paraná river, I have danced lots, I have done some very interesting things professionally… I go running in beautiful parks, yesterday I biked for two hours on great bike paths – in the rain, which means most people here doesn’t go out, so we could go as fast as we wanted. I sometimes sell my baked goods, which I think is hilarious. I sing more than I have in a long time. I study languages. I go the movies and to theater. I have met interesting and crazy people. And the polo season has started, which means free matches at the Campo de Polo in Palermo. And in a month or so, the jacarandas will be blooming! I am so lucky!!

One part of my Buenos Aires honeymoon is over, though: I loved the fact that my apartment was really quiet, even though it is close to a big avenue. However, that all changed two weeks ago: I have construction on one side, and demolition on the other. And they start EARLY… BsAs is a noisy city, no doubt about it. And it doesn’t go great with my home office… Oh well!

I have some trips and things to blog about, so I will probably backdate those to make it look like I wrote more than one blog post in September. 🙂

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4 Responses to Buenos Aires: A wild and crazy ride

  1. LOVE hearing about your life. It sounds like never a dull moment. I’m glad that all is going so well.
    Have fun!

  2. Richard Haney says:

    Enjoy your blog, hope you keep it up, from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

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