Will there ever be Norway Havaianas?

P1150926I just got back from a quick trip to Sao Paulo to visit friends. It was lovely hanging out with them and catching up with a dear friend, although Sao Paulo is a little overwhelming! It is just so big… Of course preparations for the World Cup were at full speed, since the opening game takes place in SP on Thursday. (One day we saw that they were using gigantic hoses to push trash into the river… hm… there has to be a better way to clean the city?) The metro workers started striking on Thursday, and it is still going on today, Sunday, affecting millions of commuters and of course freaking out authorities since metro is the best way to reach the stadium.

At the flagship Havaianas store (the famous Brazilian flip flop brand), each country has its own flag flip flop, how cute is that! I will share the Swedish ones, and hope that one day Norway will be back in the World Cup (1998 was the last time, what gives??)

Edited to say: Sweden and Denmark are NOT in the World Cup – how come they get their own havaianas??

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2 Responses to Will there ever be Norway Havaianas?

  1. Aymará says:

    ¡Me encantan las ojotas havaianas! Las tengo en varios colores y me encantaría tener las de mi banderita para el mundial ;). Yo también espero que Noruega vuelva a estar presente en la Copa del Mundo =D.
    Besitos y buen finde :).
    P.D. ¿Cuál es tu favorito para este mundial?

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