On the radio

I mentioned that on May 15th I was interviewed on the radio, as part of a weekly segment on different countries represented in Buenos Aires. (I wrote a short post in Spanish here.) It was a lot of fun, the journalist was great and we laughed a lot. I also learned things about radio that I didn’t know, and I appreciated the pointers about being short, to the point, and very specific: general impressions and ideas are not very fun to listen to, so we were encouraged to give short, specific examples when asked for a funny episode or what we like the most about Argentina. Being Buenos Aires, the questions were mainly about, well, Buenos Aires, but I did get in a couple of fun facts about Norway too, such as the fact that there is no “cancelación por lluvia”, or rain check, in Norway – we’d never do anything if we canceled stuff because of bad weather!

Here is the link to the interview, enjoy!

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