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Argentino en Noruega

What did I find at Mathallen? Some Argentine specialties! First some yerba mate and some mate cups, and then some cold mate drinks! Funny!

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Mathallen – Oslo Food Market

Mathallen is a big food market in Oslo that opened earlier this year. It has a variety of shops and restaurants, casual but very nice. The food is a mixture of traditional local foods and different international cuisines.

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Pretty buildings in Oslo

I love beautiful city buildings and there are quite a few in Oslo. Here is one where my sister used to live (St. Hanshaugen, Oslo’s Palermo maybe?) and one with a pretty backyard:

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La noruega en Noruega

La noruega, coming to you from Norway! Everything seems clean and quiet and green… I was allowed one day of nice weather before it started raining this morning, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Charming! But luckily tomorrow is supposed to … Continue reading

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Calle Noruega!

Check this out, there is a Noruega street in Buenos Aires! I came over this today, it is a one-block street in the neighborhood of Monte Castro. Nice!

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Wonderful guest, wonderful writing

In April we had a very sweet couple from England here at the hotel. One half of the couple, Mary, is very much a foodie and keeps a great blog: Adventures in fuzzy eating. While she was here, she came … Continue reading

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Guía T – The best thing ever

Ever since I came to Buenos Aires I loved the handy Guía T. It is basically your tiny bible to getting around BsAs by bus. Buses in BsAs are great – there are over a hundred different lines that will … Continue reading

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