The nice (but complicated) guests

After close to a year in the hospitality business, categories of guests start to form in my head. You have the easy ones, who don’t ask for anything extra, don’t make many changes, like the food, etc. There are always some that are more difficult, where you have to be on your toes all the time, others again that complain about random things that I have no power over, such as the weather or barricades on the Buenos Aires highway.

Then there is another category, that took me a little longer to define: the nice, but complicated guests. These guests are generally very nice and friendly, they are enthusiastic about lots of stuff and they want to try all the activities we offer. Where they differ from regular nice guests is that they always want something different and something extra. They want polo lessons – but they keep changing the time or they show up an hour late. They love the food – but they want to eat at different times, they want to eat inside/outside/in their rooms. They show up late for their transfer. They lose stuff all over the place. They make changes to their reservation multiple times in one day. They are the kind of guests I really can’t complain about, because they generally tend to be nice, but they sure make our lives very busy! And they tend to give off an air of “the world revolves around me” which can be a little annoying…

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