Friday by the water

Easy access to the sea is always what I miss the most from Norway. Today I took advantage of the nice weather and headed to some of the little islands right outside the center. The ferries are a good and cheap way to see Oslo from the water (if I move back to Oslo I would write a Oslo on the cheap-guide, which would include these ferries!)




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4 Responses to Friday by the water

  1. Wenche says:

    Så deilig, ikke dumt i Norge når været er slik!

  2. Luis says:

    Hello there, nice meeting you!! My name is Luis and I´m a bilingual economist from Mendoza, in the west of Argentina, and besides practicing my English I am also interested in learning Norwegian, which I have been doing online for a while but I´m still a beginner. In October I´ll be travelling to Buenos Aires on business, do you know any fellow Norwegians who might want to help me practice the language? Thank you in advance!!

  3. Luis says:

    PS: Next Saturday´s my 34th birthday!!

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