Vacation and not much to tell

Today it dawned on me that in two weeks I will be working again… I do not feel ready! But maybe it will good because pesos sure don’t go far in Europe! I went to England and had a great time hanging out with friends I made in Argentina. I have never been a huge fan of London like most Norwegians, but I did really like it this time. I got to watch some polo, drink a lot of wine, go to a party at Guards Polo Club, do some shopping (of course at the cheapest places!) and just enjoy time with friends. I feel like I am still tired so I also slept a lot.

Now I am back in Norway and taking it easy – working out (my sister’s boot camp!), cooking, sleeping, and catching up with friends, both here and abroad – I finally have time for long Skype calls and chats and all that nice stuff.

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  1. Sounds like a relaxing, restoring time. Enjoy what’s left!

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