Recoleta mornings

I go to Buenos Aires regularly, sometimes once a week, sometimes every two weeks. I adore that city! There is a lot to do and it just feels amazing to be in a busy city. I sometimes stay with friends, sometimes in hotels. My former boss lives in Recoleta and it is wonderful to stay at her place. Recoleta is maybe the nicest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and one of my favorites. I especially love the mornings there, when the city is waking up, people are having their café con leche at their favorite little place, shopkeepers are showcasing fruits and vegetables, and you can just feel the energy.

I went to Buenos Aires Thursday night and came back Saturday morning. I was hungry for some socializing and city life! I take the subway when necessary but I like the buses more – outside of rush hour they are really convienent and very cheap, only 3.50 pesos. (Heavily subsidized…)

Here is a cute little café on Calle Uruguay called Bonjour Paris.


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