Cinco meses! Five months in Argentina

This week I will have been in Argentina for five months. Crazy! Time has passed very quickly, probably because I have been so busy, working working working.  I guess that is the biggest change from an office job – the hospitality industry keeps no regular hours… Many days have been fifteen hour days, starting early and ending late. And never a weekend off! But it has been a lot of fun as well and I love, love, love meeting so many nice people.  I would have loved to have more time to ride but at least I have ridden quite a bit.

Easter week was of course very full, from Thursday to Monday we had a packed house, including an incredibly sweet French family who lives in Buenos Aires. Families really enjoy getting out of the city on weekends to have some space and lots of fresh air. We also had lots of polo, and on Sunday we organized a big asado lunch in the club house, the event space and polo club house we have here. The asado was wonderful and definitely something we want to do again – the owners have wanted to do Sunday lunches there the way they do in polo clubs in England so this was hopefully the first of many.

The five months since I came have been the busiest ones of the year, being summer and all. Now, things are slowing down, which I guess is nice for me but bad for business! It will be nice to have time to do other things, like taking some pilates classes in town, spending more time in Buenos Aires, and maybe finally cracking open the book that I brought, German Made Easy. In June and July it will be very quiet, so then I definitely want to spend more time in BsAs. I have been thinking of taking some kind of course, maybe something on Argentinean history or perhaps something totally unrelated, like makeup. Or maybe some tango classes? So far I find tango difficult…

In April I definitely want to do some traveling, I have been thinking about going to Montevideo or maybe to Cordoba. I also want to visit another polo place, to see what the competition is like. J I know that the south of the country is gorgeous but for now I am more interested in visiting warmer places. Salta in the north is also supposed to be gorgeous, and similar to Peru or Bolivia.

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2 Responses to Cinco meses! Five months in Argentina

  1. So hard to believe it’s been 5 months. I’m glad to hear that all is going well for you. You are missed on Slow Travel! Continue having a good time, and hope you enjoy your upcoming downtime. It sounds all good!

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