Big title

I came to Argentina not really knowing how long I would stay, and having signed on only for three months. I always thought I wanted to stay a little bit longer than that, and now I think I will – I am now the hotel manager! It was a rather quick move from assistant to manager, and it is a lot of work, but it is also a new exciting challenge! There are so many little details to think about, but I hope that I will do OK… I also hope that I will have time to keep riding, because that is of course one of the main reasons that I am here.

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4 Responses to Big title

  1. jlparke says:

    Congratulations, friend. You will do great. Next you will be running many sister hotels!

  2. Congratulations – that’s huge. What a great experience – hope they don’t overwork you!

  3. Mindy Smith says:

    I’m so happy Terry linked to your blog! I’d asked about you recently on Slowtalk…’d been on my mind. Enjoy all the newness of your job and living in Argentina. Are all the men handsome and respectful to women? I may come to visit if the answer is yes!! All the best!!

  4. Stao pao, as they say in Sogn og Fjordane:)

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