Our Guests

The guests, of course, is the main focus of a hotel, and so far I have enjoyed meeting every single one of them! (Well, except one.) Each day brings new people from new places and there is always good conversation. I would say that the guests are mainly European, North American, and Argentinian, with the occasional Australian or Brazilian thrown in. They can be divided roughly in two groups: those who come to play polo (many Brits but also Americans) and those who come to relax in the countryside, go for trail rides, lounge by the pool etc. The polo guests come from anywhere between 4-5 days and six months! Most, however, stay a week or two. The other guests usually stay for a shorter time, usually two or three days at the end of their stay, or as a weekend getaway from Buenos Aires. At meal times, everybody eats together at a big table so there is ample room for people to get to know each other.

We also receive some people on day trips, although on a small scale. People come for Polo Day, which is basically a one day introduction to polo for beginners, and Day in the Country Side, which means chilling in the campo and eating asado. (We often refer to it as Polo Day without Polo.) We usually only get a few people at a time, but last week we had 16 Russian tourists! But best of all, we had five Norwegians here last weekend! That was a lot of fun.

Check our our Polo Day and the Polo Day reviews on TripAdvisor!


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4 Responses to Our Guests

  1. In a setting such as this, I can believe that you get plenty of guests. It’s so idyllic!

  2. Jane says:

    Eirin, I just refound your blog and read all the way back to your first days there. What an adventure you are having and it is such a change from anything else. I love it! What a beautiful place to call home for a while. It does sound as if you have the potential of a new career in the ospitality business. I hope your head is healed with no scars. Can’t wait to read more. Jane. Oh, we spent two weeks at Christmas in Costa Rica where I am sure you have been. It was really lovely.

    • Jane, so glad you enjoyed reading this! My head is fine but I have two rather prominent scars. I think about you guys often and what did you did when you moved to Italy was very similar!

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