In Argentina, the word “campo” is used to refer both to the countryside and to an estancia or ranch, as in “I work in a campo” or “I am going to the campo.” However, it is also used as an adjective, for instance to say that something is very campo. Or to say that something is not campo and does not fit in. I think I have a good grasp of what is campo now! For instance, cool handmade leather belts are very campo. So are the typical Argentine shoes alpargatas, or the gaucho pants, bombachas de gaucho. I have them all now!

Of course, nothing is more campo than my very own boots, or botas de campo. They were made to measure and are just great. They are lose and pull on style and very comfortable. My style sure is different now than it was just two months ago!


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4 Responses to Campo

  1. Love those boots! And made to order, too – wow.

  2. Erinovic, hvor ligger denne ranchen/Campo?

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