What do I do here?

I have probably focused a lot on polo, but my actual job is that I work as a guest host at an estancia and polo club outside of Cañuelas, about one hour from Buenos Aires. I have always enjoyed tourism – I have planned trips for friends, written articles about travel – and I love hosting dinner parties or weekends, so it is basically a perfect job for me. I am also learning a lot about running a hotel and a hospitality business – there is a lot of work and a lot of things that go on behind the scenes!

My job has several functions: I take reservations and handle our systems. I answer all sorts of inquiries about reservations, events and polo holidays, on email and on the phone. I plan out our rooms and help with promotions. I welcome guests when they arrive – there is a nice custom here of receiving the guests outside with cold drinks and pastries – and basically help them with anything they need, such as polo lessons, trip planning, getting transportation, anything to make their stay more fun and more comfortable. I take guests out riding, and sometimes watch polo matches with them. I also eat with the guests, and make sure that they have what they need and that there is always someone around who speaks English and Spanish. (If I am not here, the hotel manager usually is.)

After close to three weeks I am really quite happy with the job (knock on wood!), it is a lot of work but fun and varied. The main thing I miss about my old job (after my sweet colleagues of course) is IT support! I want to just dial 1111 and get instant help with any problem! Life in the country side entails power outages and constant Internet problems…

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  1. I’m glad to hear that the job goes well. Working in hospitality and combining it with your love of travel sounds like a great match for you. Btw, are the Flickr photos to the right from your estancia? Just beautiful!

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