A funny thing happened on the way to the polo field

A new place is always a cause of amusement, but I have had my fair share in my less than two weeks here. The highlights include getting locked out of my apartment and entering and exiting through the window for 2-3 days, having my studio apartment completely flooded, and, less funny, splitting my head open when I ran into a tree in the dark. Not even on a horse, mind you!

The key incident could have been funny – except that it happened as I was returning to my apartment after working all day. I was going to take a nap before going back to work in the evening. Instead, I spent the whole time trying to get back inside, and ended up having to ask one of the guys who works here to enter through the bathroom window and then open the kitchen window for me. So until they could get someone to change the lock, I spent a few days going in and out of the window. Especially fun when wearing a skirt! I was very happy when I got a key again, and I made sure to leave a copy at the hotel reception, so that I always have a way to get back inside.

Ironically, the flooding also happened at afternoon break time. The water had been gone for 24 hours, and when it came back, it was in full force, and somehow came out from under the sink. My apartment was completely flooded with about one centimeter of water. It took well over an hour to get the water out; it seemed to never end! But my floor is now squeaky clean! I should have squirted some soap in there! Two other apartments flooded at the same time; in one of them, the water was bursting out of the bidet in a gigantic fountain that went all the way to the ceiling! My brave neighbor ducked in to turn it off…

My poor head suffered the main blow, literally. It was late at night and I was running outside to give something to the boss. I was looking down at the walkie-talkie and because it was so dark, I didn’t see the very knobby branch… I ran head first into it and was thrown back at the ground. I cut my forehead open badly and was really quite shook up. It was bleeding and throbbing and I ended up with a headache for about a week. It made it difficult and painful to try to use my new polo helmet!

I sure hope things slow down now, enough excitement for my second week…

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  1. Wow, never a dull moment! I am sure this will all be quite funny as time goes by, but more than aggravating (and painful) as things unfolded. Here’s hoping for a quieter third week – sounds like you’ve earned it.

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