From winter to summer to fall

So my first week in Cañuelas has gone by very fast! I arrived safe and sound very early Monday morning, when it was completely dark, so of course I didn’t see anything. I slept for a few hours and woke up to an absolutely gorgeous place – large polo fields, well-tended stables, a beautiful club house and a welcoming, country-style hotel. I met lots of people – there are close to 30 people who work here – and spent my day  getting to know the place and the people. The staff is quite international, with both Argentines, Europeans and a South African. The guests are also from several continents.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was learning about my new job, and on Wednesday I rode a polo horse for the first time! It was so much fun! They are very responsive and just fun to ride. Holding the mallet and hitting the ball was a lot more difficult, though, but I will keep practicing. I rode again yesterday (Thursday) and can’t wait to go again tomorrow.

The headline refers to the fact that I left the US when it was winter, came to 32 C temperatures here – and then it abruptly changed today; we have had strong rains, thunderstorms and cold temperatures all day. It was a nice break, though, from the heat of the first few days. Wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts also keep the mosquitoes awat – and they are horrible! They bite through clothing even, and seem to quite like Off…

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  1. Oh so glad to hear that you’ve made a smooth landing. Sounds like a lovely setting, and sociable, too. I’ll be looking forward to your pictures. Have fun with the horses!

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