It’s official!

I have told my work, so now it is official! Most people seem very happy for me and I am realizing that many of us have a dream of breaking out of the cubicle.

Now I have a lot of things to do before November: Sell furniture, give away books and clothes, decide what to leave with friends, and cancel all sorts of stuff: Internet, electricity, cell phone, Zipcar, bikeshare, one of my credit cards… I also need to find out if there is a way to stop all the unwanted catalogs that always come. (I would feel bad for the new person living in my apartment if they keep receiving all the junk mail that I get!)

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1 Response to It’s official!

  1. Anne says:

    I have been so far off the blog radar the past couple years that I just found out about your big move – AWEsome!! So glad you were able to break out of the cubicle farm too!! It is incredibly liberating to head down a new path and live into something that inspires your creativity and passion. Wishing you much happiness and amazing adventures, my friend!
    Ciao, Anne (andasamo)

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